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Social Media Coaching:

The functionality of social media websites and the way we use them obviously changes over time. After Enivid Concepts creates a social media strategy for your business, it is important to maintain the strategy as well as fine-tune what is and isn’t working. Let Enivid Concepts help you stay on the cutting-edge of social media through periodic coaching. The coaching program is charged by the hour, and thus is suitable for smaller business who might not have the budget to afford a complete social media strategy consulting package yet still would like to get help from experts.

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Staffing Solutions:

Our production managers and recruiters will efficiently find the right person for the job. Our production managers and recruiters will listen to your needs, and effectively find the right person for the job. What makes Enivid Concepts stand out is its knowledge of the production industry. Nowhere else can you talk shop with a recruiter like you can with us. We speak your language, and we understand your environment. This is a core part of our comprehensive video production services.

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Video Production Crews:

Enivid Concepts LLC provides expert camera crews to any location worldwide. No matter where your creative vision takes you, our company will provide an expert camera crew to any location, from Maine to Spain, and assist with logistics and production management throughout the shoot.

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Creative Video Production Services:

Whether your project is in its concept phase or is almost completed and in need of graphics, animation, post-production touch ups or social multimedia platforms, we have the services to cover your every need. Enivid Concepts can manage your entire project – or support each and every facet of it – including staffing, crewing, web design, budget, marketing, in-house editing, and more.

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Advertising & Artwork

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Social Media Specialist

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